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Frequently Asked Questions

Golden Visa Greece

What is Golden Visa Greece?

It is a GreekResidence Permit and Schengen Visa to non-EU Nationals with the purchase of Property with minimum value 250,000Euros.

What are the benefits from investing for a home in Greece, in comparison to other European countries?

At €250,000, the Greek Golden Visa programme is the lowest costresidency program in the European Union,offering access to theEuropean Schengen Area. There is also no compulsory period ofstaying, unlike all other Mediterranean countries. Rules for the entirefamily are especially favorable.

Which family members canbenefit from the same investmentof 250000 euros and above and issue a permanent European residence permit, according to Greek Golden Visa Programme?

-Husband/wife or partner with a co-habitation agreement (concludedin Greece)-
Children under 21 years of age
-In-laws of the main investor

With the amount of 250.000 for getting the residency rights, can I buy more than one property?

There is no restriction in the number of properties you may buy, aslong as the total value is 250.000€ or greater.

Is co-ownership allowed when applying for a Golden Visa?

Yes, it is allowed. In case of co-ownership however, each person has toinvest at least 250.000€, except if coownership is between a couple
where only one €250.000 property is enough to ensure a Golden Visafor both.

Once I have bought a home in Greece but do not live there, does Athinable take care of the financial issues, payments of bills and ongoing maintenance issues?

Yes. Should a client wish to do so, Athinable does take care of the financial and tax issues, payments of bills and ongoing maintenance issues.

Do I have the right to rent my property in Greece?

Sure, you can always rent your property as soon as you get your Golden Visa, so you can make a profit out of it

Does Athinable provide short-term rental/property management services, such as Airbnb, Booking, etc.?

Sure, Athinable also undertakes the short-term rental of your property. (See more)

How much is the total cost for my investment of about €250.000?

The total cost for a real estate investment apart from the property value will amount to around 10% on the property contract value.This covers all expenses for property acquisition and residence permit issuance apart from a 3.09% VAT on the property value, applicable to every real estate transaction in Greece.It includes everything from legal, notarial, consultation, real estate, government and cadastral fees.

How long will it take in order to get my Golden Visa?

A time period of about 3 months is needed from the time of investmentuntil the Residency Permit is issued.

AirBnB Property Management

Is there a cost to sign up for your company's short-term management services

Registration to our services as well as the evaluation of the quality and performance of your property are offered for FREE. Then, for each reservation made on your property, we are paid according to the percentage we have agreed according to the package of services you have chosen.

What are the benefits from investing for a home in Greece, in comparison to other European countries?

The gain / performance you get from your property depends on many factors. The most important criteria are the quality of your property, how many beds, benefits, area, seasonality, competition, etc.

Which booking channels are you working with?

We are working with all major booking platforms including, Airbnb, HomeAway, TripAdvisor and plenty of others. OK!

How do you ensure my home security?

The security of your home is our priority. At each booking, we do the necessary screening of our clients, examining their profile and ensuring that they meet the conditions we set for each tenant. In addition, Airbnb offers a financial guarantee for your property.

How do I get paid?

Payment is settled by us. After deducting the agreed management rate, you have access to your money on a special bank account via a debit card.

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